The next meeting will be June 8th, 2023 at the Field weather permitting

SUN June 4 9AM Fun Fly-Club provides lunch*
Bring own drinks and dish to share

Memorial Day weekend will now be a Camping weekend at the field. We have several members
bringing their campers to enjoy the nice long weekend. All members are welcome to come and fly, no
camping required. Just bring a plane and have a fun time!

Second Thursday of each mouth

At the Presbyterian Church 37 South Market St. Johnstown NY 12095 Starting at 6:30 pm

The field is open for up-to-date AMA MEMBERS and THEIR FAMILIES

The Field is open to All Spectators

This is the Official web-site  of the Lazy Eight R/C Club

Hope to see you there

• The regular Wednesday Night Training for new pilots will still be
available. If you are interested in attending a training contact Ed
DeRossi @ 518 332-5172 to reserve a time.

Be Safe, Wash Your Hands 

  The Club is always looking for new members   



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