The Building Section

The plans I am drawing are for a stand off scale WW1 Fokker Eindecker. It will have a wingspan of 81 inches and powered by a .90 fs. Carbon fiber will be used to reinforce diagnally within the fuselage structure. Covering will be silk and dope, cowl will be molded fiberglass. Ailerons will be added in place of wing warping as in the full scale original. 
Dennis Rackowski

Ken Hall’S — 19 year old 1/3 scale Fokker DVIII
32 pound 12 oz , 18 year old ended up being 26 pound 4 oz,   A.S. 947

Fitting my old Elliot 4.2 Sachs. 5 lbs of engine, complete with muffler and ignition. 

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