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Update on July 12th Electric Fun Fly 

Date: June 12, 2020
To: All Lazy Eight RC Club members
Re: Lazy 8 RC Club update
• The Lazy 8 field is open for members and their families use only. No
spectators are allowed at this time due to the Coronavirus.
• The Fourth of July Camp-out is still scheduled to take place, however,
the Club will NOT be providing food due to social distancing
guidelines. Members that attend will be allowed to cook their own food
at their discretion.
• If you enter the field, please make sure to close the gate behind you so
spectators and non-members do not enter the field.
• The regular Wednesday Night Training for new pilots will still be
available. If you are interested in attending a training contact Ed
DeRossi @ 518 332-5172 to reserve a time.
Sunday, July12th Electric Fun Fly will still take place , its a AMA
Sanctioned Event . All AMA Members and their families only.
(However, the Open House WILL Not take place). The $10.00
landing fee will be waived for this event. Remember to follow Social
Distancing protocol. Hot dogs and soda will NOT be provided at this
event due to the Coronavirus regulations.

• Additional Club events previously scheduled for this year will be
decided on at a later date as NYS announces additional opening
Thank You for patience and understanding regarding the changes for this

Thank You 

Bill Dexter 

Be Safe, Wash Your Hands 

  The Club is always looking for new members   



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